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Sail Away

As an enterprising merchant sailor, succeeding in the Caribbean will take strategy, capital, and resources. First you’re on an island loading your ships with resources like sugar cane, vanilla, and cotton—then it’s time to launch. Head out into Caribbean waters, but watch out for pirates! You have three objectives: to gain as many resources as you can, to launch as many ships as you can, and to acquire as many coins as you can. Other merchants are vying for the same resources and gold—which one will have the determination and cunning to build the largest empire and rule the Caribbean Sail Away comes with four player boards, islands, coins, ship cards, and several other game pieces to weave round after round of challenge and intrigue. Earn points by being an unscrupulous merchant sailor, hiring ruthless pirates, hoarding coins, and launching ships. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins!